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VaporDNA is one of the best places to shop for vaporizers and e-liquids online. Stocking e-liquids from a wide range of manufacturers, you can browse lots of different brands in one place, making price comparisons much easier. Find a great deal on your favorite and you can bulk-buy to stock up for the weeks to come; find a vapordnacoupon.com – 10% discount and you can save even more money on your e-liquid purchases.

Entourage Vapor

Entourage Vapor is one of the new, fun e-liquid manufacturers aiming to appeal to young smokers ETVNJM-2who have made the healthy choice and switched to vaping. VaporDNA stocks a number of the Entourage Vapor e-liquids including Samurai Man and Ninja Man, kooky brands that are identified not only by their delicious flavors but also by their cartoon character branding.

Samurai Man is flavored with the popular Japanese soft drink Ramune, which itself tastes of lemon and lime. With hints of fresh fruit and even a tang which is reminiscent of the fizziness of the drink, Samurai Man is available in three different nicotine strengths. Ninja Man has a smooth chocolate milk flavor, also available in three different nicotine strengths and sold by VaporDNA in two sizes: 30 ml and 60 ml.

Yami Vapor

VaporDNA sells some of the most creative and innovative e-liquid flavors currently available. They YMVTTO-2have managed to put together a selection of products that really showcases the best work currently being done by flavor blenders in the vaping industry. Yami Vapor’s Flaky Portuguese Tart is one shining example of this; you can really taste the fresh custard filling and there are strong notes which suggest the taste of the pastry casing. The packaging is as cutting-edge as the flavor, and Yami Vapor is available in three different strengths of nicotine.

Naked 100

The Naked 100 range sold on VaporDNA is designed to be all about the flavor with no fancy brain_freeze_naked_100packaging, branding or marketing tricks. This is a quality e-liquid, made with fresh fruity flavors, ideal for all-day vaping. VaporDNA stocks a great selection of the Naked 100 range including flavors such as Lava Flow (a tropical blend of strawberry, coconut and pineapple), Very Cool (a menthol flavor with fruity hints of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry), All Melon (an intriguing and innovative blend of three different types of melon, Cantaloupe, Watermelon and Honeydew) and Green Blast (flavored with Kiwi Fruit, Apples and Honeydew melon).

The Merge

One of the more fashionable brands of e-liquids in the market, The Merge is all about blending flavorTMTRMN-2 combinations to create a smooth and enjoyable vapor. A commercial partnership between two of the best-known names in vaping, Flawless and RiP Trippers, The Merge range is created by blending top-selling flavors from these two brands.

The flavor blends sold by VaporDNA are the Transmission, a combination of strawberry, watermelon, and lemonade; Unification, a Rip Banana Vanilla Sundae flavor; and Advocacy Man, a blend of Cookies and Cream and vanilla ice cream. Twenty per cent of the profits from the Advocacy Man will go to the Right to Vape campaign, which aims to represent the interests of both the vaping industry and ordinary vapers in the corridors of power.

Glas E-Liquiddownload

Responsible for some of the most innovative flavor combinations on sale on the VaporDNA website, Glas E-Liquid is a cutting-edge company which has combined expert blending with a cool design. Some of their flavor creations have to be vaped to be believed such as Guava Lemonade, Pound Cake, Glazed Doughnut, Watermelon and Saltwater Taffy, and Fruit Cereal and Macaroons.

Lost Art Liquids

Specializing in old-school combinations that will remind vapers of their childhoods, Lost Art Liquids is Lost-Art-Liquidsall about fun and flavors. Their flavor names are almost as creative as their flavor combinations: Unicorn Puke, for example, is flavored with Rainbow Sherbet; Slotter Pops is a Berry Popsicle flavor, and Gummy Glu is a sour candy blend.

VaporDNA doesn’t just have a great choice of brands and flavors but has great deals on many of the best-selling e-liquids on the market. If you are looking for inspiration, VaporDNA also has their Monthly Featured Flavors — new arrivals and special deals for those vapers who want to discover new flavor combinations.