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Vaping may be a great way to quit smoking, to feel healthier and even to save you money, but one of the best things about vaping compared to cigarettes is the huge variety of flavors you can enjoy. Boring old smoking only has tobacco, or menthol if you’re feeling particularly daring, whereas when it comes to vaping, the sky really is the limit.

A whole industry has sprung up around the creation and blending of enjoyable, authentic and inventive vaping flavors, and before long you’ll be wondering how you managed all those years without becoming bored by just one flavor option from your packet of smokes.

There are lots of places online and in your local shopping mall where you can browse the latest vaping flavors. One of the best online stores for creative flavors and brands is Madvapes. One of the many good things about Madvapes is that you can save money on your purchases by buying in bulk or using Madvapes coupon codes.

Get Fruity

Flavors based on fruits always prove popular with vapers; they’re sweet enough to be pleasant but fresh and natural enough that you can enjoy them all day without the taste becoming overpowering. Madvapes stocks a wide selection of fruit-flavored e-liquids which you can use to fill your preferred device. Standard flavors such as banana, blueberry, and watermelon are sold alongside more creative blends. Mad Grapes, for example, is a blend of white and red grapes and is available in various nicotine strengths, while Apple Icicle is a sour apple-flavored vape with a fresh minty finish.

If you’re looking for a fruit flavor with a twist, try Madvapes’ take on the classic Pina Colada or Apple Cider for a vapor more suited to an evening out than all-day vaping.

Sweet Tooth

Most vaping flavors are sweet as these are the kinds of taste sensations that many people enjoy. If you have a really sweet tooth, however, you should check out the dessert or confectionery flavors sections on the Madvapes website.

Dessert flavors include some creative combinations, such as Crème Caramel, Banana Bread, and Cookies and Cream as well as more delicate flavors like Vanilla or Peaches and Cream. You may not enjoy a flavor straight away, or you may have to shop around to find a blend you really love; this is where a coupon code can come in handy, as you are given the opportunity to try out several different flavors without spending too much money.

There is also a selection of confectionery-themed e-liquids sold on the Madvapes site. Classic candy flavors such as licorice and bubblegum are sold alongside candy apple and candy cane blends. Probably not a vapor you would want to enjoy all day, but great for a sweet treat now and then.

Tobacco and Menthol Blends

Of course, some vapers prefer to stick with the traditional devil flavor they know, buying tobacco or2017-03-02_9-33-15 menthol e-liquids for their devices, especially people who have only recently made the switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. It makes it much easier to switch if the sensation and the taste are familiar.

Even here, Madvapes manages to stock and sell e-liquids that put a creative spin on classic flavors, selling Cherry Tobacco and Caramel Tobacco flavors. Menthol flavors are also popular as they taste good but also leave a fresh sensation after exhaling. There are many different minty flavors available, from Mint Tobacco and Chocolate Mint to a milder Peppermint blend or Irish Mintz, a menthol take on the traditional Irish Cream alcoholic drink.

Whatever your taste and whatever device you are using, there are countless e-liquid options on sale at Madvapes, and all of these at a great price. In fact, Madvapes is so sure they are offering great deals that they offer to match the price if you find the same item on sale cheaper elsewhere or refund you the difference if you have already bought the product. Though it’s unlikely you will find a better deal on their fantastic range of flavored e-liquids once you add the reductions from your coupons to their already low prices.