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Vaping Bargains From Direct Vapor

Direct Vapor is one of the most trusted names in vaping, thanks to their top quality products at reasonable prices. They sell all the big brand names, both in devices and in e-liquids, to ensure that you can enjoy a top-of-the-range product and a quality vaping experience. Normally, this kind of quality doesn’t come cheaply, but there are lots of ways you can save money by shopping at Direct Vapor.

This details all the vouches and online coupon codes that are currently available online to help you save even more money on your vaping purchases. Considering that some of the top designer vape pens and vape mods can cost upwards of $100, a voucher that gives you 25% or even 50% off your final bill can result in some serious savings.

Price Guarantee

Direct Vapor also offers their customers a price guarantee so that you can be confident that you are getting the best price no matter what you are buying. If you find the same product advertised as cheaper on a different website, you just have to let Direct Vapor know and they will either match the lower price you have found or refund you the difference if you have already bought the item from them. This is great security for any consumer; we all know that feeling of thinking we have gotten a great bargain, only to spot the same product some place else for a few dollars less the next day.

Starter Kits

Another way to save a few dollars at Direct Vapor is to look into buying one of their starter kits. These are ideal for people who are just making the transition from smoking to vaping, or vapers who are making the progression from disposable e-cigarettes to vape pens, or from vape pens to vape mods. These starter kits contain not only the device you are looking to buy but all the extra pieces of kit and equipment that you could possibly need to start vaping straight away. These kits often include extra batteries, charger cables, extra coils, and tanks for vape pens and vape mods, and even spare Pyrex tube for vape pens, in case of any damage to the original. Some starter kits also contain a bottle of e-liquid or maybe a selection of flavors, but this might not suit everyone unless you can choose what flavors you are given. After all, some vapers like to stick with the tobacco flavors they know and live for from their smoking days, whereas others have long since moved onto sweeter, fruitier flavors.

E-liquids themselves are sold in different sized bottles, the larger bottles generally being better valued for money. Once you have settled on a favorite brand or a preferred flavor, you will save more money if you buy your e-liquid in those larger bottles or even buy in bulk, if you find a good deal or a great voucher code. After all, e-liquids don’t go out of date as long as you store them properly. If you’re going to buy e-liquids in bulk, though, make sure you have somewhere safe to store them, as while nicotine is harmless to adults it can be poisonous to younger children.

Top Products at Low Prices

There are lots of websites where you can find great deals for disposable e-cigarettes and some of 2017-03-02_11-56-50the more basic vape pens, but the new, hi-tech products tend to be expensive wherever you shop. That is why it is always a good idea to check what special offers are valid on coupon websites before you spend any of your hard-earned cash.

Direct Vapor is a great place to shop for the latest vaping technology as they sell the newest products from the top brands. These devices produce a strong, smooth, and powerful vapor while also utilizing the latest technological advances. Bluetooth, for example, is becoming more commonplace in vaping devices, allowing you to control your vaporizer from your phone. This has the added bonus of creating a sleeker device, free of buttons and dials, which looks great compared to some of the older, clunkier vaporizers.