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Vaping may be a great way to quit smoking, to feel healthier and even to save you money, but one of the best things about vaping compared to cigarettes is the huge variety of flavors you can enjoy. Boring old smoking only has tobacco, or menthol if you’re feeling particularly daring, whereas when it comes to vaping, the sky really is the limit.

A whole industry has sprung up around the creation and blending of enjoyable, authentic and inventive vaping flavors, and before long you’ll be wondering how you managed all those years without becoming bored by just one flavor option from your packet of smokes.

There are lots of places online and in your local shopping mall where you can browse the latest vaping flavors. One of the best online stores for creative flavors and brands is Madvapes. One of the many good things about Madvapes is that you can save money on your purchases by buying in bulk or using Madvapes coupon codes.

Get Fruity

Flavors based on fruits always prove popular with vapers; they’re sweet enough to be pleasant but fresh and natural enough that you can enjoy them all day without the taste becoming overpowering. Madvapes stocks a wide selection of fruit-flavored e-liquids which you can use to fill your preferred device. Standard flavors such as banana, blueberry, and watermelon are sold alongside more creative blends. Mad Grapes, for example, is a blend of white and red grapes and is available in various nicotine strengths, while Apple Icicle is a sour apple-flavored vape with a fresh minty finish.

If you’re looking for a fruit flavor with a twist, try Madvapes’ take on the classic Pina Colada or Apple Cider for a vapor more suited to an evening out than all-day vaping.

Sweet Tooth

Most vaping flavors are sweet as these are the kinds of taste sensations that many people enjoy. If you have a really sweet tooth, however, you should check out the dessert or confectionery flavors sections on the Madvapes website.

Dessert flavors include some creative combinations, such as Crème Caramel, Banana Bread, and Cookies and Cream as well as more delicate flavors like Vanilla or Peaches and Cream. You may not enjoy a flavor straight away, or you may have to shop around to find a blend you really love; this is where a coupon code can come in handy, as you are given the opportunity to try out several different flavors without spending too much money.

There is also a selection of confectionery-themed e-liquids sold on the Madvapes site. Classic candy flavors such as licorice and bubblegum are sold alongside candy apple and candy cane blends. Probably not a vapor you would want to enjoy all day, but great for a sweet treat now and then.

Tobacco and Menthol Blends

Of course, some vapers prefer to stick with the traditional devil flavor they know, buying tobacco or2017-03-02_9-33-15 menthol e-liquids for their devices, especially people who have only recently made the switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. It makes it much easier to switch if the sensation and the taste are familiar.

Even here, Madvapes manages to stock and sell e-liquids that put a creative spin on classic flavors, selling Cherry Tobacco and Caramel Tobacco flavors. Menthol flavors are also popular as they taste good but also leave a fresh sensation after exhaling. There are many different minty flavors available, from Mint Tobacco and Chocolate Mint to a milder Peppermint blend or Irish Mintz, a menthol take on the traditional Irish Cream alcoholic drink.

Whatever your taste and whatever device you are using, there are countless e-liquid options on sale at Madvapes, and all of these at a great price. In fact, Madvapes is so sure they are offering great deals that they offer to match the price if you find the same item on sale cheaper elsewhere or refund you the difference if you have already bought the product. Though it’s unlikely you will find a better deal on their fantastic range of flavored e-liquids once you add the reductions from your coupons to their already low prices.

Saving Money With Ecigs

electronic-ciagertte-save-money-from-ecigsbuy.com_Smoking is a very expensive habit, as well as being harmful to your health. Previously, your only alternative to quitting smoking if not going cold turkey was to try products like nicotine gum or nicotine patches, but they can also work out to be expensive; plus, they don’t work for every smoker as some people don’t just miss the nicotine but also miss the sensation of holding and inhaling a cigarette. Gum and patches won’t fix that particular craving, but using an electronic cigarette just might.

E-cigs are an effective and good-value method of cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke or even managing to quit altogether. While improving your health is always going to be a primary concern, saving money is a nice bonus.

Disposable Ecigs

Most people start with disposable ecigs when they start vaping. These are really easy to use and even look and feel like the real thing; they are designed to be the same shape and weight as a real cigarette that you won’t miss the sensation of smoking while you make the transition from tobacco to vapor. Many of them even have an electric light at the tip which glows when you inhale. It may not add anything to the vaping experience, but it is a nice design touch.

As the name suggests, disposable ecigs are designed to be used until either the battery or the e-liquid has run out. At this point, you simply throw away the spent electronic cigarette and start a new one. This may not seem very cost-effective, but while a tobacco cigarette is designed to be smoked just once, disposable ecigs contain the equivalent of 200 or even 300 inhalations — more than enough to keep light- to medium-smokers happy for well over a week.

Refillable Ecigs and Vape Pens

If you want to save even more money, you can invest in a refillable electronic cigarette or vape pen. Simpler models use cartridges, which you buy in packs of ten or twenty and simply install as and when you need them, or you can always buy empty cartridges which you fill yourself with e-liquids. This can be a bit messy at first as these cartridges are very small, but this method is much more cost-effective and gives you more choice when it comes to flavors.

The more advanced vape pens and vape mods have tanks which you fill with e-liquids, meaning that you can switch between flavors from day to day, depending on what mood you are in or whether you want to enjoy a day time or a night time flavor. Lots of websites sell a wide range of different flavored e-liquids which are often available in different nicotine strengths to suit your needs — once you find a brand or a flavor you like, keep an eye out for special offers or online coupons to help you save even more money, or you can buy in bulk as many websites and vape stores offer deals if you buy three, four or even more bottles at the same time.

Look Out for Deals

It is not just about saving money on e-liquids either. Many vaping websites have seasonal sales on their ecigs, vape pens, and vape mods — these can be expensive items, especially if you are interested in a top-of-the-range device, so any deal can help make vaping a little more affordable. It is always worth checking out different online stores to make sure you have found the best price and check out vaping news websites to see if they have any coupons offering money off different brands.

A lot of more established vaping websites have a reward scheme for their loyal customers, helpingcustomer_loyalty_program (1) you to save money as you buy. These rewards either take the form of online coupons which are emailed directly to you, or you can collect reward points on your account which you can cash in when you make future purchases. Either way, you can make some serious savings, all thanks to vaping purchases that you would be making anyway. If you don’t want to sign up for an online account, just sign up for the company’s newsletter; this is the best way to hear about special deals and to get coupons for ecigs straight to your inbox.

Vaping is a great way to save yourself money and to save your health. Find the best deals online and you can make ecigs even more cost-effective and more enjoyable.

Vaping Bargains From Direct Vapor

Direct Vapor is one of the most trusted names in vaping, thanks to their top quality products at reasonable prices. They sell all the big brand names, both in devices and in e-liquids, to ensure that you can enjoy a top-of-the-range product and a quality vaping experience. Normally, this kind of quality doesn’t come cheaply, but there are lots of ways you can save money by shopping at Direct Vapor.

This details all the vouches and online coupon codes that are currently available online to help you save even more money on your vaping purchases. Considering that some of the top designer vape pens and vape mods can cost upwards of $100, a voucher that gives you 25% or even 50% off your final bill can result in some serious savings.

Price Guarantee

Direct Vapor also offers their customers a price guarantee so that you can be confident that you are getting the best price no matter what you are buying. If you find the same product advertised as cheaper on a different website, you just have to let Direct Vapor know and they will either match the lower price you have found or refund you the difference if you have already bought the item from them. This is great security for any consumer; we all know that feeling of thinking we have gotten a great bargain, only to spot the same product some place else for a few dollars less the next day.

Starter Kits

Another way to save a few dollars at Direct Vapor is to look into buying one of their starter kits. These are ideal for people who are just making the transition from smoking to vaping, or vapers who are making the progression from disposable e-cigarettes to vape pens, or from vape pens to vape mods. These starter kits contain not only the device you are looking to buy but all the extra pieces of kit and equipment that you could possibly need to start vaping straight away. These kits often include extra batteries, charger cables, extra coils, and tanks for vape pens and vape mods, and even spare Pyrex tube for vape pens, in case of any damage to the original. Some starter kits also contain a bottle of e-liquid or maybe a selection of flavors, but this might not suit everyone unless you can choose what flavors you are given. After all, some vapers like to stick with the tobacco flavors they know and live for from their smoking days, whereas others have long since moved onto sweeter, fruitier flavors.

E-liquids themselves are sold in different sized bottles, the larger bottles generally being better valued for money. Once you have settled on a favorite brand or a preferred flavor, you will save more money if you buy your e-liquid in those larger bottles or even buy in bulk, if you find a good deal or a great voucher code. After all, e-liquids don’t go out of date as long as you store them properly. If you’re going to buy e-liquids in bulk, though, make sure you have somewhere safe to store them, as while nicotine is harmless to adults it can be poisonous to younger children.

Top Products at Low Prices

There are lots of websites where you can find great deals for disposable e-cigarettes and some of 2017-03-02_11-56-50the more basic vape pens, but the new, hi-tech products tend to be expensive wherever you shop. That is why it is always a good idea to check what special offers are valid on coupon websites before you spend any of your hard-earned cash.

Direct Vapor is a great place to shop for the latest vaping technology as they sell the newest products from the top brands. These devices produce a strong, smooth, and powerful vapor while also utilizing the latest technological advances. Bluetooth, for example, is becoming more commonplace in vaping devices, allowing you to control your vaporizer from your phone. This has the added bonus of creating a sleeker device, free of buttons and dials, which looks great compared to some of the older, clunkier vaporizers.

Stock Up On E-liquids At VaporDNA

VaporDNA is one of the best places to shop for vaporizers and e-liquids online. Stocking e-liquids from a wide range of manufacturers, you can browse lots of different brands in one place, making price comparisons much easier. Find a great deal on your favorite and you can bulk-buy to stock up for the weeks to come; find a vapordnacoupon.com – 10% discount and you can save even more money on your e-liquid purchases.

Entourage Vapor

Entourage Vapor is one of the new, fun e-liquid manufacturers aiming to appeal to young smokers ETVNJM-2who have made the healthy choice and switched to vaping. VaporDNA stocks a number of the Entourage Vapor e-liquids including Samurai Man and Ninja Man, kooky brands that are identified not only by their delicious flavors but also by their cartoon character branding.

Samurai Man is flavored with the popular Japanese soft drink Ramune, which itself tastes of lemon and lime. With hints of fresh fruit and even a tang which is reminiscent of the fizziness of the drink, Samurai Man is available in three different nicotine strengths. Ninja Man has a smooth chocolate milk flavor, also available in three different nicotine strengths and sold by VaporDNA in two sizes: 30 ml and 60 ml.

Yami Vapor

VaporDNA sells some of the most creative and innovative e-liquid flavors currently available. They YMVTTO-2have managed to put together a selection of products that really showcases the best work currently being done by flavor blenders in the vaping industry. Yami Vapor’s Flaky Portuguese Tart is one shining example of this; you can really taste the fresh custard filling and there are strong notes which suggest the taste of the pastry casing. The packaging is as cutting-edge as the flavor, and Yami Vapor is available in three different strengths of nicotine.

Naked 100

The Naked 100 range sold on VaporDNA is designed to be all about the flavor with no fancy brain_freeze_naked_100packaging, branding or marketing tricks. This is a quality e-liquid, made with fresh fruity flavors, ideal for all-day vaping. VaporDNA stocks a great selection of the Naked 100 range including flavors such as Lava Flow (a tropical blend of strawberry, coconut and pineapple), Very Cool (a menthol flavor with fruity hints of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry), All Melon (an intriguing and innovative blend of three different types of melon, Cantaloupe, Watermelon and Honeydew) and Green Blast (flavored with Kiwi Fruit, Apples and Honeydew melon).

The Merge

One of the more fashionable brands of e-liquids in the market, The Merge is all about blending flavorTMTRMN-2 combinations to create a smooth and enjoyable vapor. A commercial partnership between two of the best-known names in vaping, Flawless and RiP Trippers, The Merge range is created by blending top-selling flavors from these two brands.

The flavor blends sold by VaporDNA are the Transmission, a combination of strawberry, watermelon, and lemonade; Unification, a Rip Banana Vanilla Sundae flavor; and Advocacy Man, a blend of Cookies and Cream and vanilla ice cream. Twenty per cent of the profits from the Advocacy Man will go to the Right to Vape campaign, which aims to represent the interests of both the vaping industry and ordinary vapers in the corridors of power.

Glas E-Liquiddownload

Responsible for some of the most innovative flavor combinations on sale on the VaporDNA website, Glas E-Liquid is a cutting-edge company which has combined expert blending with a cool design. Some of their flavor creations have to be vaped to be believed such as Guava Lemonade, Pound Cake, Glazed Doughnut, Watermelon and Saltwater Taffy, and Fruit Cereal and Macaroons.

Lost Art Liquids

Specializing in old-school combinations that will remind vapers of their childhoods, Lost Art Liquids is Lost-Art-Liquidsall about fun and flavors. Their flavor names are almost as creative as their flavor combinations: Unicorn Puke, for example, is flavored with Rainbow Sherbet; Slotter Pops is a Berry Popsicle flavor, and Gummy Glu is a sour candy blend.

VaporDNA doesn’t just have a great choice of brands and flavors but has great deals on many of the best-selling e-liquids on the market. If you are looking for inspiration, VaporDNA also has their Monthly Featured Flavors — new arrivals and special deals for those vapers who want to discover new flavor combinations.